When you need a filling meal for lunch or dinner, lasagna is a favorite choice. The trouble is that lasagna made from scratch is a time-consuming affair. What do you do when you’re craving lasagna but don’t have time to make it yourself?

Frozen lasagna is the ideal answer. Whether you’re feeding yourself or a crowd, you’ll want to find the best frozen lasagna to buy. With dozens of options, that’s a daunting task.

With this review, you’ll be introduced to the 10 best frozen lasagnas on the market. Whether you favor meat, veggie, gluten-free or something else, all of the bases were covered in extensive testing to reveal these top choices.

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Our Recommended Frozen Lasagna

STOUFFER'S CLASSICS Lasagna with Meat & Sauce, Frozen Meal
  • Stouffer's Classic Lasagna with Meat & Sauce
  • Easy to prepare
  • Has a rich flavor
  • Quality ingregients
  • Price: See Here!
Amy's Light and Lean Spinach Lasagna, 8 Ounce
  • Amy's Light and Lean Spinach Lasagna
  • Easy to prepare
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten free
  • Price: See Here!
Amy's Entrées, Gluten and Dairy Free Vegetable Lasagna, 9.0 Ounce (Frozen)
  • Amy's Vegetable Lasagna
  • Non GMO
  • Organic pasta
  • Simply heat
  • Price: See Here!

10 Best Frozen Lasagna on the Market:

1. Stouffer's Classic Lasagna with Meat & Sauce

STOUFFER'S CLASSICS Lasagna with Meat & Sauce, Frozen Meal


This is arguably the best frozen lasagna brand based upon reviews. Everyone is familiar with Stouffer’s, and their frozen lasagnas don’t disappoint. This product features 100 percent pure beef, fresh cheese and no preservatives. Perfectly proportioned at 10.5 ounces, this is the ideal meal for one.

Purchase several to provide a satisfying meal for the whole family.

Ingredients like vine-ripened tomatoes and aged parmesan make this frozen lasagna a winner. This dish is part of Stouffer’s Classics line of familiar family favorites that are designed to taste better than a home-cooked meal. With no preparation involved and an affordable price, it’s hard to go wrong.

Highlighted Features

What Customers Are Saying

Fans of Stouffer’s praise its flavor and cheesy consistency. Most say that they appreciate the smaller portion size, though some say that it was actually too small for their appetite. If you have a larger appetite, supplement with a green salad and some garlic bread for a complete meal that is certain to delight.


Choose Stouffer’s Classic Lasagna for home-cooked taste in a fraction of the time

2. Amy's Light and Lean Spinach Lasagna

Amy's Light and Lean Spinach Lasagna, 8 Ounce


People who are sticking to a vegetarian diet or are watching their waistline may fall in love with this spinach lasagna from Amy’s.

The packaging boasts that the dish is packed with delicious flavor yet is totally guilt-free. Those claims certainly appear to be true.The serving size is a slender eight ounces, and the calorie count is just 250.

Nonetheless, people who try Amy’s Spinach Lasagna will not feel like they’re missing out on anything. A rich mixture of mozzarella,

Parmesan and ricotta cheeses is tender and delicious while the organic spinach is a healthy delight. Amy’s makes their own pasta, and the difference really shows here. It is delicately flavored and perfectly al dente.

Highlighted Features

What Customers Are Saying

Based on reviews, people love Amy’s lasagna. Many say that it tastes fresh and homemade, with just the smell of it causing their mouths to water. Nonetheless, critics say that the price is a bit high.


With all organic ingredients and a meat-free recipe, this is a light and lean lasagna that’s perfect for vegetarians and calorie-counters.

3. Amy's Vegetable Lasagna

Amy's Entrées, Gluten and Dairy Free Vegetable Lasagna, 9.0 Ounce (Frozen)


Anyone who’s on the lookout for the best frozen vegetable lasagna definitely needs to try this dish. It comes in a 9.0 ounce, single-serving size. For the vegetarian in your household, this is a delicious and filling option.

Amy’s is a trusted brand name because they bring organic, non-GMO products into your home. Combined with the convenience of frozen food, it is really hard to beat these meals. They taste homemade, yet you don’t have to put forth any effort.

You just get to enjoy Amy’s house-made organic pasta, three cheeses and Italian-style sauce. Even better is the delicious mixture of organic vegetables that really makes this dish stand out from the competition.

Highlighted Features

What Customers Are Saying

Fans of this frozen lasagna praise the recipe for being soy-, gluten- and dairy-free but still containing plenty of flavors. It’s definitely a lighter meal than most frozen lasagnas, so some people recommend adding a piece of fruit, a salad or soup.


If you’re looking for healthy, organic, vegetarian frozen lasagna options, it’s hard to go wrong with anything from Amy’s outstanding products.

4. Stouffer's Whole Grain Vegetable Lasagna

STOUFFER'S CLASSICS Vegetable Lasagna, Frozen Meal


From Stouffer’s Creative Comforts line, this delicious vegetable lasagna boasts fresh pasta, complete with whole grains, and a creamy sauce that features Parmesan and Romano cheeses. A vegetable medley makes this a satisfying meal. Without preservatives, this 400-calorie meal is a treat.

Between the layers of pasta, you’ll find vegetables like broccoli, spinach, carrots and onions. It’s a yummy combination, and the cheesy sauce is the ideal accompaniment. Altogether, it’s a hearty meal that feels healthy and light, which means that it strikes just the right balance.

Highlighted Features

What Customers Are Saying

This dish is a hit with most reviewers. They cite its fresh taste and abundance of vegetables as being among its chief attractions. Detractors are concerned about the 0.50g trans fat content.

If you are doing your utmost to avoid this potentially harmful ingredient, then this may not be the frozen lasagna for you. However, it is present in a small enough quantity that it likely doesn’t affect the overall suitability of the dish.


For a fresh and tasty option, give this Stouffer’s Vegetable Lasagna a try.

5. Lean Cuisine Favorites Lasagna with Meat Sauce



Eighteen grams of protein make this a filling and sensible option for lunch or dinner. At 10.5 ounces, it’s pretty much the ideal size for anyone who’s watching their waistline. Nonetheless, Lean Cuisine packs this dish with premium meat, so you can rely on getting a full meal.

This frozen lasagna contains no preservatives, as is the case with most of the reliable meals in this category.

This choice from Lean Cuisine makes it possible to eat a quick, healthy and nutritious meal at any time without sacrificing flavor or quality.

The reduced-fat mozzarella cheese in no way detracts from the flavor or consistency of the dish, and the meat sauce is rich and hearty. A lean 320 calories ensures that this frozen lasagna is a smart dietary choice.

Highlighted Features

What Customers Are Saying

Many reviewers are fans of this product, describing it as being flavorful and delicious. However, some people feel that the product contains too much sodium at 650 mg.


Lean Cuisine’s Lasagna with Meat Sauce may help you to lose weight without sacrificing flavor.

6. Udi's Gluten Free Gourmet Italian Sausage Lasagna

Udi's Gluten Free Gourmet Italian Sausage Lasagna, Single Serving Meal, 8 Ounce (Frozen)


Do you love pasta but also need to avoid gluten? If so, then this may be an excellent choice for you. It easily fills the category for the best gluten free frozen lasagna. The noodles are soft and tender. If you didn’t know better, you might assume that they were traditional pasta.

On top of that, you have hearty and flavorful Italian sausage and a rich tomato sauce. A single eight-ounce serving contains 19 grams of protein, which makes this a filling meal. The trim 420 calories in each serving also makes this a healthy frozen lasagna that you can feel good about putting in your body.

Would you like to make your own lasagna pasta? We found a solution for you, and reviewed 10 best pasta makers!

Highlighted Features

What Customers Are Saying

This product’s fans are amazed by the flavor and texture of the gluten-free pasta. They say that it’s the closest they’ve come to traditional pasta in years. However, the most common complaint is that the serving size is simply too small. Be sure to have soup or salad available.


With the right accompaniments, you can make a hearty and delicious meal with this gluten-free lasagna.

After dinner with lasagna you can cook delicious pancakes. Especially for this we have a selection of best pancake griddles.

7. Mountain House Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Mountain House Lasagna with Meat Sauce | Freeze Dried Backpacking & Camping Food |6-Pack


While it is technically freeze-dried rather than frozen, this dish from Mountain House manages to sneak onto this list. That’s because it features all of the quick convenience of a frozen meal and manages to taste fantastic.

Best of all, you can take this meal anywhere. Enjoy it at home or next to a campfire. Because it doesn’t have to be frozen, it’s flexible.

This best rated frozen lasagna contains two-and-a-half one-cup servings in each pouch. All you have to do is add hot water to enjoy a hearty meat sauce, cheese and pasta. This product even comes with an unprecedented 30-year taste guarantee.

Mountain House is a recognized leader in the freeze-dried food industry. The result is a line of products with exceptional quality and taste.

Highlighted Features

What Customers Are Saying

Fans of this lasagna with meat sauce recipe say that it tastes awfully close to homemade while also being easy to prepare. Just make certain to precisely follow the directions.


When you’re in a real hurry and need a satisfying meal, try lasagna from Mountain House.

8. Marie Callender's Three Meat & Four Cheese Lasagna

Marie Callender's Comfort Bakes Multi-Serve Frozen Dinner, Three Meat & Four Cheese Lasagna, 31 Ounce


With three types of meat and four kinds of cheese, it’s easy to see how this single dish is capable of satisfying every taste.

Marie Callender’s brand is famed for making homestyle cooking incredibly easy and convenient, and this lasagna dish is no exception. With a flavorful marinara sauce and a mixture of beef, sausage and pepperoni, there’s a lot to like here.

While this lasagna for the whole family can be prepared in the microwave, it certainly tastes like it was made from scratch and came from your oven. The 31-ounce size serves four hungry people with 270 calories each. It’s a comforting meal that definitely tastes like home.

Highlighted Features

What Customers Are Saying

Fans praise the variety of meats and cheeses in the recipe. However, some critics complained that the overall taste is too salty. Some people may feel that the serving sizes are too small.


If you’re looking for a hearty and filling traditional frozen lasagna that feeds the whole family, you can’t go wrong with Marie Callender’s.

9. Stouffer's Party Size Chicken Lasagna

STOUFFER'S CLASSICS Chicken Lasagna, Party Size Frozen Meal


Containing 11 servings, it’s easy to see why this is a popular family size frozen lasagna. It’s perfect for those evenings when everyone needs a hearty meal but doesn’t have time to cook. The all-white-meat chicken in this recipe is a healthy alternative to red meat, so you can feel good about serving this dinner to your family.

Made without any preservatives, this dish is not your typical lasagna. In addition to chicken for protein, this lasagna boasts plenty of crisp vegetables and a creamy sauce. If you’re looking for lasagna with a twist, this could be a tasty and satisfying meal. Plus, you can feed a horde if you have to.

Highlighted Features

What Customers Are Saying

Many reviewers love this dish because it tastes fresh and light yet is filling and completely satisfying. Some may quibble that they can’t quite feed 11 people with one tray, but if you add the traditional supplements of a salad and bread, you’ll do fine.


Choose chicken lasagna with a creamy sauce the next time you’re in the mood for something different.

10. 365 Everyday Value, Organic Vegan Lasagna

365 Everyday Value, Organic Vegan Lasagna, 10 oz, (Frozen)


If you’re looking for a vegan option, then this Whole Foods Market meal is certain to be a hit. It deserves to be named the best frozen veggie lasagna for the freshness of its ingredients and because it’s certified organic. Anyone who takes great care to put only the best, most nutritious ingredients into their bodies will find plenty to like here.

At 440 calories, this 10-ounce serving is friendly toward your waistline. It features whole grains in addition to being high in fiber, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. Complete with tofu, tomatoes, broccoli, garlic and more, this is a fresh, healthy option. People with allergies and food sensitivities may find that this is the perfect pasta dish.

Highlighted Features

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers tend to have plenty of positive comments to make about this vegan lasagna. They remark that the vegan cheese may not be as “cheesy” as dairy cheese, but that this doesn’t necessarily detract from the overall experience.


Give this 365 Everyday Value meal a try if you’re vegan or even if you’re not.

Factors to Consider When Buying Frozen Lasagna

Don’t leave finding the best frozen lasagna to chance. When in doubt, use these tips to help you find a tasty lasagna anytime, anywhere.

Buying pre-packaged, frozen food generally is more expensive per serving than preparing a meal at home. However, sometimes you just want a fast and convenient option.

Since homemade lasagna also is a particularly time-intensive recipe, it’s sensible to factor that into the equation as well. How much is your time really worth? Would you rather be cooking or spending time with your family?

Frozen lasagna makes it possible for you to serve a healthy and delicious meal while also freeing you up for other tasks or even a bit of relaxation.

Some of the finalists on this list may cost a bit more than the competition, but that is because they contain superior ingredients, better flavor and improved nutritional value. Essentially, they promise great value for your hard-earned dollar.

Reading the entire list of ingredients may seem tedious, but it is an absolute necessity for those with food allergies or sensitivities.

Sometimes, food manufacturers sneak small amounts of items into the ingredients that can cause a negative reaction in certain individuals. It’s always advisable to avoid this situation if at all possible.

The list of ingredients reveals a great deal about the product. Regulations require that the ingredients be listed in the order of their volume within the recipe. Many of the best frozen lasagnas will have nutritious, healthy items listed first on their list of ingredients.

You’ll see things like whole-wheat flour, chicken, vegetables and beef, which tells you that this is real food that you can feel good about putting in your body.

Has your doctor advised you that you need to be more mindful of your salt intake? Perhaps his recommendations were for a low-fat diet.

On the other hand, maybe you’re working toward losing a few pounds. Other people may have discovered that they thrive only with a gluten-free diet.

If any of these things describe you, then reading the nutrition label on all pre-packaged foods is critical. At a glance, you’ll be able to see the recommended serving size, how many calories you’ll be consuming, the total amount of fat in the package and how much saturated fat you’ll be eating.

Data concerning the amount of protein, carbohydrate, cholesterol and vitamins also are included.

By looking at the nutrition label, you’ll be able to avoid food intolerances and help yourself to stay on track if you’re trying to reduce your sodium intake. You also may keep tabs on your fiber intake or determine whether or not you’re getting enough fruits and vegetables.

The really good frozen lasagnas help you to meet your nutritional and dietary goals.

As is revealed in the above list, an astonishing variety of lasagnas are available today. While some of these adhere to a more traditional recipe that includes marinara sauce and meats such as beef, sausage and pepperoni others are more creative.

There also are choices for people who prefer poultry or who would rather have vegetarian or vegan options. Even gluten-free varieties make it possible for people with an allergy to enjoy pasta again.

One of the most frequent complaints seen in reviews of frozen lasagnas is that the portion sizes are too small.

In general, Americans have a tendency to prefer oversized portions. People are so accustomed to seeing an overloaded plate that anything less than that makes them feel like they are on starvation rations.

An advantage of choosing any of these single-serving frozen lasagna meals is that the portions are already decided for you. If you find that a portion is not enough to fill you up, then consider adding a healthy side dish like a green salad or a bowl of soup.

You could even opt for a slice of garlic bread if your dietary restrictions permit it.

Until you’re familiar with the portion size of your favorite frozen lasagna, it’s sensible to have a tempting side dish available so that you don’t end up going hungry.

If you’re feeding a crowd, then take the serving guidelines on a tray of lasagna with a grain of salt. Some people may have larger appetites while others will eat like a bird.

Even if your frozen lasagna says it will feed 11, it’s probably best not to serve it and nothing else to your son’s high school football team. In other words, use some discretion with regard to portion size when you’re feeding a large, hungry group.

Compare the heating instructions on two packages of frozen lasagna, and you’ll see several differences. Most single-serve options are microwaveable. In fact, the packaging almost always recommends against preparation in a toaster or conventional oven.

Even if the majority of single-serve frozen lasagnas are heated in the microwave, this is where the similarities end. Some instruct you to heat the package on full power for five minutes.

Others recommend cooking for a few minutes on 50 percent power and then a few more minutes on full power. You’ll be counseled that all ovens are different, which means that your cooking time may vary.

The heating instructions for family-size trays of frozen lasagna may be even more diverse. Some of these may be heated in either the microwave or an oven. When oven preparation is recommended, pay attention to the cooking time before making a purchase.

Some of these frozen lasagnas may need to be defrosted before going into the oven or they may require an hour or more of cooking time. If you’re looking for a dinner option that needs to be ready fast, this may not be the solution.

Above all, always take care to follow the individual directions on the packaging. This is the best way to ensure a successful outcome that is delicious and fully heated.

Making the Decision

When you want to savor some lasagna but don’t have time to make it yourself, one of these frozen lasagna choices will satisfy your appetite. With options for people who prefer meat or poultry as well as vegetarians and vegans, there’s a perfect frozen lasagna for everyone.

There are even gluten-free options that taste a lot like the traditional dish. Light and healthy meals are out there too, making it possible for anyone to enjoy the classic taste of lasagna whenever it’s convenient for them.